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Hey Ladies! Feel like you're in a struggle with yourself, your body, your work, with the kids?

It's time to get you back!
Hit the “Reset Button” on Your Health, Stress Levels, and Energy with My FREE 
5-Day “Re-Balance” Challenge!
My “Healthy Living” Challenge is designed to hit reset through simple everyday things you should do EVERYDAY 
After all, no quick fix, detox or low carb diet works when you don't even do the basics.
Consider this challenge as your permission to start fresh and get back to feeling good about your health and get back some energy and well deserved sleep!
Each day, you’ll get focused on a particular aspect of your life that you’ve probably been neglecting:
  • Day 1: Creating Space
  • Day 2: Nutrition
  • Day 3: Sleep
  • Day 4: Energize 
  • Day 5: Mindset
By tackling just one thing at a time (instead of trying to change everything at once),  you can make steady progress toward getting back to a HEALTHIER YOU!
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Delicious and easy to follow recipes that nourish you and satisfy cravings!
Mindfulness Worksheet
Build self awareness and begin to live with intention. 
Facebook Group Support 
You’ll get access to my private “Nutrition For Ambitious Women” Facebook group,where  meet others on the same journey  and  get regular support and  answers  from me on all things life. 
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I’ve Been in Your Shoes… And I Want to Help!
My name is Khush Sra. I spent many of my younger years 
trying to “burn the candle at both ends.
It wasn’t until I found myself snoozing more and more, stuffing my face at night, and even screaming at the kids, that I realized something was off.  I was too busy "going places" that I didn't even keep up maintenance.  I was looking for quick fixes, going keto, juice detoxes, but what I really needed was to just get Back to the Basics! 
But I want to give you a “jumpstart” to help you get back on track quickly.  Even if you are in a health program or at a gym, we all need to consistently practice the Basics! 
So here’s my gift to you:
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